Relocation and Leaving the Philippines

Thousands of Filipinos leave their country everyday for greener pastures.Poverty is very high and the residents leave the Philippines in hope of a better life. Those who take the step are usually the breadwinners with their close family relying on them. New university graduates leave the Philippines due to a lack of good local jobs.

A true story

The lounge in the airport was packed with many travelers that day. There was a throng of relatives and friends who said farewells to their departing loved ones. There was a group of voyagers anxious to get to their destined locations; a few were traveling to USA, other people to the Middle East and further more to Europe. My sister was among them. She was waiting for that day to come.

The visa process

After years of exhausting immigrant visa applications as well as a number of visa refusals, eventually she was prepared to leave. With her luggage tidily packed and her passport with her, she was ready to begin a new life in a different country she will within a little time know as home. Everybody in my family had their opportunity in kissing her adieu. With tearful eyes, we saw her disappear amid the group of people. I merely thought, when will I see her once more, now that she had chosen to live countries apart from us?

Thousands are leaving everyday

In the Philippines at least 2,500 citizens leave each day to earn their living in foreign lands. Many times you will see a couple of persons in a family usually working and residing abroad. The same is a fact with other regions in Asia and other poorer places in the world. What are the factors influencing this exodus of citizens from one region to the other? The first factor is for financial reasons. People want to obtain a better life. Alluring openings like high paying jobs, better working situations and finer standards of living. All of these tempt many people to go abroad.

A better salary

When leaving to a more economically developed country, a worker usually enjoys a large financial disparity as contrasted with what is generally made from their country of origin. For example, a Filipino nurse, commonly makes about 6000 pesos monthly, approximately US$150 when engaged in the Philippines as compared to making £1500 ($3000) in a month while working in the United Kingdom. The greater salary does not just do god to the immigrated worker but including the family, the immigrant leaves behind.

A milder climate

Secondly, a few citizens move to places with more suitable climate conditions than their native place. This is specifically true of individuals who are taking off from work and pensioners who desire to live their residual years in a retreat kind of environment. Commonly people coming from places with severe climates and having borne enough of the harsh winter season elect to immigrate to a warm tropical locations where each day is sunny.

Interracial marriage

The third cause is interracial marriage. With the rising fame of online dating and tailor-made brides, individuals are moving to unite with their new lovers. In conclusion, as mixed race marriages rise and numbers of migrant workers rise, family reunification becomes imperative. This brings out a new set of migrants. To be with the relatives they departed from; migrants will generally make applications so that relatives who still are in their home country will finally stay with them in their new adopted home.

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